About us

"businessbook.rw" is one in a portfolio of products from Radius Innovis Ltd, a technology company founded in December 2014. Radius Innovis focuses on Energy, ICT and Telecommunication.

In ICT Radius Innovis Ltd has an ambitious project to develop online applications that would simplify citizen's daily life in the complex world arising from today's rapid global economic growth. The project also aims to help facilitate the process of integration of the East African Market.

The Rwanda Business Directory is designed to boost the local business growth.

By subscribing to this service, you enhance your visibility and attract more customers. We offer a free personal and customized page where you can promote your news, services, and products. You can also use the platform to inform your potential clients/customers about discounts and other promotions.  We also offer a geo-location service on your page, making it easier for your customers to find you using various map applications. All these, at a competitive price.

businessbook.rw is a mutual exchange of products, services and experiences for foreign and domestic firms.